Learning Language by building

Cultivating Curiosity, Creativity, and Resourcefulness

As you may guessed, there are many advantages of LEGO© building. To begin with, it fosters children’s, even adults’, organization skills and spacial conceptions. During our class, they are always required to build some buildings, such as city hall, police station, and fire station, within a limited amount of time and with a limited amount of space. We would normally give every one of them one single platform to build their buildings. This pushes the students to their extremes to finish their buildings as quickly as they could.

It also encourages creativity. During our class, we always encourage the students to design and build their own buildings and make sure that they follow our requirements. After most of the students finish their final product, we would give them the opportunity to vote for the best one in their minds. We would have small presents for those who has won everyone over and would use it in our LEGO© city. This creates competition and at the same time, makes everyone more creative because they all want the prize.

Meanwhile, it makes the students realize the importance of collaboration. They are sometimes divided into different groups and each group would have a different task. For example, we are now teaching them about their dream jobs and according, we divide them into groups by the category of their jobs in the ¨town¨. They are always required to talk to their team members about their thoughts and opinions and discussion is always encouraged among students.