Learning Language by building

Immersing in Chinese

Our focus is to immerse children and students in Chinese. We always speak Chinese to the kids the whole time, trying to make them become interested in Chinese. We want to push them to their extremes to listen and understand Chinese. We always encourage students to ask questions and talk to each other in Chinese so that they could understand Chinese more and learn the beauty of this language and culture.

Besides that, we always celebrate the Chinese festivals with them, such as Chinese Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chongyang Festival, Chinese New Year and many more. We would show the kids how people celebrate these festivals in China, the traditions people do and at the same time, give them gifts that Chinese people get during these festivals. For example, during Chinese New Year, we gave each kid a red packet (Hongbao) with real RMB inside.

For younger kids that could not understand Chinese very well, we would use English to explain every sentence we said in Chinese so that they could keep up with the other kids. Also, we would ask them to repeat after us to increase their vocabulary.